The Neck forms an important role in our common daily movements (i.e., bending, lifting, turning, and twisting) take a serious toll on your neck over time. The discomfort and loss of mobility can majorly impact your quality of life.

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The cervical spine in your neck is made up of seven bones called vertebrae, which are separated by discs filled with a cushioning gel-like substance. Your cervical discs act as shock absorbers, both stabilizing your neck and allowing it to move around smoothly and painlessly. Over time, the shock absorbers become worn and can start to degenerate and the space between the vertebrae narrows and nerve roots become pinched. This is degenerative disc disease. As this process progresses, the neck becomes less flexible, and you may feel neck pain and stiffness. When the disc breaks open or bulges out, putting pressure on the spinal cord or nerve root, it is known as a herniated disc or a slipped disc. A herniated disc can occur quickly after an injury or trauma to the neck. The most common and obvious symptoms of cervical degenerative disc disease are neck pain and a stiff neck. You may also develop pain, numbness, or weakness radiating down your shoulder, arm, and hand.