Of the 206 bones in the body, only three of them are in the arm: the humerus, radius, and ulna. The arms contain many muscles that work together to allow us to perform all sorts of motions and tasks. Each arm is composed of the upper arm and the forearm. The upper arm extends from the shoulder to the elbow and the forearm runs from the elbow to the wrist.

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The upper arm is composed of two compartments, known as the anterior compartment and the posterior compartment. The anterior compartment is located in front of the humerus which is the main bone in the upper arm. The muscles of the anterior compartment are the biceps, brachialis, and the coracobrachialis. The posterior compartment is located behind the humorous and consists of the tricep and the anconeus.

The forearm holds more muscles than the upper arm. Like the upper arm, the forearm also consists of an anterior and posterior compartment except that the forearm's compartments are further divided into layers due to the number of muscles. The anterior compartment flows along the inside of the forearm. The muscles in this area are mostly involved with the flexion of the wrist and fingers as well as the rotation of the forearm. The posterior compartment flows along the top of the forearm. The muscles within this compartment allow for the extention of the wrist and fingers.

Injuries to any of the parts of the arm can occur during sports, a fall, or an accident. Common arm injuries include: Tendinitis and bursitis Sprains  Dislocations  Broken Bone  Nerve Problems  Osteoarthritis